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"Lena Spencer, Founder of Caffe Lena, Touched Many Lives at Skidmore," by Mae Banner, The Saratogian. Begins by mentioning Lena Spencer's recent death, continues to discuss her life and Caffe_ Lena's influence on the arts at Skidmore. Mentions how Lena Spencer encouraged student musicians to hone their talent, there are several examples of Skidmore students that she influenced. Lena Spencer regularly hosted open mic nights for the purpose of making a space that was welcome to student performers. Additionally, she welcomed professional and student theater performances and commited herself to being a support system for both Lively Lucy's and the comedy group, Ad-Liberal artists. The article discusses how Lena Spencer's family and friends planned to continue managing Caffe_ Lena. (2 copies)


Skidmore and Caffe_ Lena

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