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Photograph of Members of "The Shamen," Barry Oates '90, Chris Kemp '90 and Bradford Goven '90, playing at a benefit for Caffe_ Lena at Falstaff's at Skidmore College. By Ed Burke, The Saratogian.
Photograph of Lena Spencer and her white cat Sasha sitting inside Caffe_ Lena by Joseph Deuel, The Saratogian.
"Lena Spencer, Founder of Caffe Lena, Touched Many Lives at Skidmore," by Mae Banner, The Saratogian. Begins by mentioning Lena Spencer's recent death, continues to discuss her life and Caffe_ Lena's influence on the arts at Skidmore. Mentions how…
"Caffe Lena," By J.B., The Skidmore News, 1/13/66. Discusses the purpose of "The Caffe Lena Gallery Theater." Explains that Caffe_ Lena has had many folk singers perform there including Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk and Josh White. In…
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