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"Caffe Lena," By J.B., The Skidmore News, 1/13/66. Discusses the purpose of "The Caffe Lena Gallery Theater." Explains that Caffe_ Lena has had many folk singers perform there including Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk and Josh White. In addition to mentioning the folk performances the article also stresses Caffe_ Lena's role as a theater. Mentionaing a recent educational endeavor where a professional theater group formed with a mission to educate. The group performed Shakespeare plays for over 600 children and their goal of making these plays understandable and attainable to younger audiences was achieved. The remainder of the article discusses Skidmore and the Saratoga community's responsibility to support Caffe_ Lena and its reliance on this support in order to continue.


Skidmore and Caffe_ Lena

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