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"Lively Lucy's is Back," By Barbaa Melville, cover story in Skidmore SCOPE, vol. 23, no. 3, page 7. "Lively Lucy's," describes the lively atmosphere of Falstaff's during Lively Lucy's open mike nights. Lively Lucy's president Torey Adler explains that Lively Lucy's provides the opportunity to showcase lesser known musicians since the club does not need to profit from performances. Marc Woodworth, Lively Lucy's faculty advisor explains that the students do all of the work, while associate dean of student affairs, Anita Steigerwald explains that Lively Lucy's gives students the opportunity to learn valuable business skills. The club is described as having created a "cooperative" bond with Caffè Lena. "WANTED: A History of Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse" explains how little is known about the history of Lively Lucy's. Lena Spencer is mentioned as having been a mentor to the students running Lively Lucy's. Torey Adler calls for any information pertaining to Lively Lucy's history. (4 copies of cover story)


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