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"Jon Svetkey Live" By Kate Weldon and Meighan McCrea, Skidmore News, 9/22/94. Article reviewing a recent performance of Jon Svetkey and discussing his performance style and stage presence.
Caffe Lena written in front of drawn bricks. List of potential schedule, and several notes written surrounding the writing.
Poster for "Whoopee Jazz" at Caffe lena, 7/15.
Photograph of four men presumably of End Construction Productions sitting behind a sign on the floor that says "End Construction."
"Nields Newsletter." Newsletter for band "Nields." Addressed to Skidmore college, Lively Lucy's. Includes cartoon, letter and list of upcoming shows.
"Jim Infantino- the rest of 1995," schedule containing Jim Infantino's tour dates.
Poster of Ani Difranco for new album "Dilate," Available 5/21/96.
Poster of Ani Difranco, "Dilate, The new album coming May 21 Righteous Babe Records."
A list of press quotes about Jim Infantino of End Construction Productions
List of artists that are a part of End Construction Productions.
Flyer for End Construction Productions, explaining founding and purpose.
Flyer for "Resume Speed, A new Artist Compilation" End Construction Productions. Note on Flyer "Feb 2 Jon Svetkey 6173549092 March 2? (Anytime after 3/14!)"
Poster for Jon Svetkey presented by Lively Lucy's.
Poster for "Poetry Slam, Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Wait Hall third floor, On the Merry Go Round, The Migrant Poets."
Unknown author, unknown date
Writing, unknown date.
"Insane with Fury" by Natalie Prochnow, 5/8/94
Written: "Concept concept concept. Well, It Rhymes."
Drawing of figure resembling Jesus Christ with cross below. Written: "Angry Ian"
Black and white photograph of Jim Infantino standing against brick wall holding guitar. Underneath it says "Jim Infantino" Photo by Kym Marie Donnellan, ECP recordings
Poem, unknown writer, uknown date. First line: "Jello is made out of bones."
Cover page of literary magazine, "On the merry go round," Issue 4, 2/95. Photograph of two women with words "I may choose to act seductively. I do not have to act macho. Not to dominate or to be dominated."
Poem, unknown writer, 2/9/94.
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