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"Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Calendar Spring '96" Calendar showing the line up for the spring, "Doors open at 8:00 pm for all shows, Music usually starts at 9:00 pm, All shows are free! We have cheap coffee + tea + cookies! Keep an eye out for Lively…
Lively Lucy's Calendar of events from 1/17-4/18 Festival 4/24. Including performances by Cosy Sheridan, Joe D'amico, The Nields, Diane Ziegler, Ellis Paul, The Woods Tea Co., Jim Gaudet, Beth Jochum, Brenda Fischer, Erica Wheeler and Roseann Raneri,…
Lively Lucy's schedule for "The Folk Festival" on 4/24. Headliner: Chirstine Lavin. Outdoors on Case Green: Bill Staines, Joan Crane, Jim Gaudet, The Parlor Boys, Rosanne Raneri, Marc Woodworth. Main show cost $10/ $7 students. Produced by Lively…
Lively Lucy's calendar of events from 9/12-12/12. Including performances by Ani DiFranco, Cormac McCarthy, Dyer Switch, Peggy Eyres, Jonathan Newell & Art Farm, Catie Curtis, Louise Taylor, Roseann Raneri, Jerry Short & Rick Watson, Beth Jochum &…
Lively Lucy's Calendar of events from 1/30-4/10. Including performances by Jon Svetky, The Woods Tea Co., The Imminent Middle East, Brooks Williams, Joan Crane, Diane Ziegler, Burnt Hills Bluegrass, Bill Staines. At bottom: "Admissions is $1 for the…
Lively Lucy's Calendar of events from 9/4-12/4. Performances by: Rosanne Raneri, Whoopi Jazz, Jon Svetky, Margo Hennebach, Chuck Brodsky, Jon Carmen, Peggy Eyres, Ed Gerhard, Ellis Paul and Heartwood. Including an Open mike night, Poetry Slam and Jam…
Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse, "underground acoustic mayhem scheduled as follows…" Performances scheduled for Jim Infantino, Catie Curtis and Jon Svetkey, including an Open mike night. "all shows in falstaffs doors open 8 music starts 9." Events from…
"The Far Side" by Gary Larson. 10/22. Cartoon depicting a man sitting outside on the street playing guitar with a guitar case open to collect money. Another older man is saying to him "So! Chuck Brodsky! I thought it was you!..Never learned your…
"Lively Lucy's Coffehouse Presents: Winner 1992 Napa Valley Folk Festival Chuck Brodsky" 10/2, 8 PM Falstaff's, $2 Skidmore/ $5 World.
2/26 in JKB Theater: Joan Crane, Hugh Pool, and Mark Patton with special guest Tom Evans. "Masterful and moving Acoustic Blues." Tickets $7/ $5 students. Workshops taught by performers for additional $11/ $10 students. (2 copies on same sheet.)
"Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Presents: Hugh Pool, Joan Crane, Mark Patton, Real Blues with special Guest: Tom Evans." 2/26. $7 concert, $18 concert and additional workshops with performers.
Lively Lucy's poster for Jon Svetkey. "Sunday 8 pm in falstaffs $2 skidmore folks/ $5 world bring a mug for $1 bottomless coffee."
Poster for Margo Hennebach. "Show Sunday 8 PM in Falstaffs Cover: Skidmore $2/ world $5."(2 copies on same sheet.)
Marbar Productions Presents Patty Larkin, at Saratoga Music Hall, 10/16, $12. (2 copies on same sheet.)
Poetry Slam, Sunday 7:30. "Open mic 4 all." (2 copies on same sheet)
Poster for Ed Gerhard in Falstaffs $5/ $3 students.
Poster, "You saw ani. Now see eliis. Not elvis. He's dead." 11/13, $3. (2 copies on same sheet)
Poster that has written several times: "Lively Lucy's is not a crime ellis paul this Sunday."
Blue Grass and Swing performancings by Heartwood and Space Pies. Sunday 8 PM Falstaffs. (2 copies on same sheet.)
Marbar Productions and Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse present Pierce Pettis 8 PM Falstaffs GA $5. (2 copies on same sheet.)
Roseanne Raneri, Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse, 12/4. $7/$5 students. (4 copies on same sheet.)
Poster for 5 Chinese Brothers 2/5, Skidmore College Falstaffs 8 PM.
Lively Lucy's coffeehouse general meeting poster 2/19 9 PM @ Case Couches.
Poster for Poetry Circle, every Thursday night 9 PM LC 308.
Lively Lucy's Royale Coffeehouse Open Mic, Every Wednesday evening in Falstaffs. (2 copies same sheet.)
"Lively Lucys Open Mike every Tuesday 9 to 11 falstaffs." (2 copies same sheet.)
Poster for Open Mic Night every Wednesday 9:15-11:30 in the Spa. Contains drawing of a stick figure with a box where the head would be with a question mark.
"Open Mike for the spoken word poetry word jazz prose more." Tuesday 9-11 Falstaffs. Drawing of person with sunglasses behind microphone (4 copies on same sheet.)
Folkfest, presented by SEC, Lively Lucy'S, Class of '97 & the Environmental Action Club. 4/22 12-6 PM. Free. South Park and on South Green. Lineup: Matt Forsythe, untitled trio, Jim Infantino, Billy Internicola, Jon Carmen, Jim Gaudet, Marc…
Poster for Jim Infantino 9/10 at Falstaffs, free.
Open Mike poster with "The critics" with a picture of two children and "The place: Open Mike this Sunday falstaffs 9 pm."
Poster forCatie Curtis 9/24 at Falstaffs. Presented by Lively Lucys. $5 public, free for Skidmore community.
Poster for Jon Svetky 10/1 and Open Mic every Wednesday in the Spa 9:15-11:30
Poster for "Skidmore's own: Dylan Connor, Ian Varley, Lisa Bastoni, and others!" Free coffee with your own mug. Unclear month/ 29/95.
Poster for Matt Forsythe at Falstaff's, free coffee, 11/12/95.
Poster for Amy Fradon, free in Falstaff's 2/4/96 and Open Mic Night in Falstaff's 1/31/96.
Open Mic Night poster 4/3 9 PM Falstaff's. With illustration of person singing with guitar behind microphone.
Poster for Open Mic in Falstaff's 4/17/96. Text written within drawing of a mouth.
Lively Lucy's poster for Bill Morrissey Band with Lucy Kaplansky and Rosanne Raneri, 8 PM, JKB, 4/22/96. (4 copies same sheet.)
Lively Lucy's poster for Bill Morrissey Band with Lucy Kaplansky and Rosanne Raneri, 8 PM, JKB,$5 Skidmore/ $8 Public 4/22/96. (2 copies same sheet.)
Lively Lucy's poster for Bill Morrissey Band with Lucy Kaplansky and Rosanne Raneri, 8 PM, $5 Skidmore/ $8 Public, JKB, 4/22/96.
Lively Lucy's Poster for Vance Gilbert, 2/9, 8:30 PM, Falstaff's.
Poster for Lively Lucy's Open Mic Night 3/9 8:30 PM Falstaff's.
Pamphlet: "Lively Lucy's Fall 2003" Scheudle for September, October and November. All shows in Falstaff's are Free for Skidmore. Back: Explanation of what Lively Lucy's is.
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