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Lists descriptions of each of the songs on East Side of Town.
Letter to Arthur Godfrey from Scazzola Giovanni Pietro, replying to Godfrey's request for information about Radio spins. On the back of the letter is listed the times that Godfrey's songs were played on an Italian radio station.
Lists radio plays of Godfrey's East Side of Town
"Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town…(Stampman)," Freight Train Boogie! Positive Review of East Side of Town.
"Sean Penn flips out for a songwriter," Tennessean, 2/11/03. Article relays how Sean Penn saw Godfrey perform and threw him a party after his set.
"Special 'talent scout' endorsesmusical mailman," By Brad kava, San Jose Mercury News, 4/30/03. Article mentions how Sean Penn saw Godfrey perform in Memphis and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the musician, additionally, mentions the several…
Billboard Tenth Song Contest certificate, Second Place Winner hereby presented to Arthur Godfrey. Lists specifics about song that won and is signed by the president and by the director of Billboard Song Contest.
"Artist Spotlight: Arthur Godfrey," ASCAP, uknown author, unknown date. Focuses on a biography of Godfrey as well as a review of his album East Side of Town.
"Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town," By Clay Steakley, Performing Songwriter, Positive review of Godfrey's album East Side of Town, includes descriptions of specific songs.
"DIY Spotlight 1: Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town," By Clay Steakley, Page 44, Performing Songwriter, 5/03. Positive review of Arthur Godfrey's album East Side of Town
Includes a list of awards and quotes from positive reviews
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Lisa Walters E.U. Booking Agent inquiring about booking a date for Arthur Godfrey, includes contact information.
Photograph of Arthur Godfrey walking up stairs holding a guitar, below the photograph, on the left: Arthur Godfrey Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, on the right: sticker: E.U. Booking Agency, Lisa Walters, 925.280.9133,
E.U. Booking Agency pamphlet. Includes contact information on front with a list of who is on the E.U. Booking Agency Roster, website listed bottom front. Inside contains biographies of each musician listed on the roster at the front of the pamphlet.
Entertainment Unlimited: Booking and Talet Agency. Bottom right: Lisa Walters, Booking Agent,, Bottom left: Phone: (925) 280-9133, 361 Montecillo Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (2 copies)
Includes biography at the top, description of Sun's music style and the bottom of the page includes several quotes about his music.
Photograph of Forest Sun standing in doorway playing guitar, below the photograph: Forest Sun, to the right:
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Lisa Walters E.U. Booking Agent inquiring about booking a date for Forest Sun to play at Skidmore in the week of 9/22-10/4 unknown year. Includes contact information
Entertainment Unlimited: Booking and Talet Agency. Bottom right: Lisa Walters, Booking Agent,, Bottom left: Phone: (925) 280-9133, 361 Montecillo Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94595
"Folk Speed Ahead," By Peter Hanson, Metroland, Cover, 6/15/00-6/21/00. "Emotion in Motion," By Peter Hanson, Page 27-28, Metroland, 6/15/00-6/21/00. Focuses on Hutchinson's life, personality and education as well as musical abilities and recordings.…
"In Their Words…" Sheet featuring quotes from reviews about Hutchinson's work.
"Meg Hutchinson," By Robin O'Sullivan, Berkshire Record, 9/10/99. Focuses on Hutchinson's influences, alubm, Against the Grey, her production company, "Little Red Hen Music & Productions company," tour, and creative process.
"Meg Hutchinson - On The Verge," By Dale Ott, The Advocate, 7/5/00. Discusses her success in folk competitions and her writing process as well as her musical influences.
"Meg Hutchinson: Against the Grey," Metroland, 6/24/99-6/30-99. Positive review of Hutchinson's album, Against the Grey. "Meg Hutchinson: Anti-gravity music," By Seth Rogovoy, Page 31, Berkshires Week, 7/22/99. Positive review of Against the Grey.
"Meg 1, Natalie 0," By Mary Bagg, Page 33 The Valley Advocate, 1/28/99. Compares Hutchinson's music with artist Natalie Merchant, favoring Hutchinson. "Soul Show," By John Rodat, Metroland, 2/18/99-2/24/99. Robby Baier and Meg Hutchinson played…
"Meg Hutchinson," By Carolyn Watts The Cape Cod Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 7.1, 7/1/99. Features quotes of Hutchinson about her music, discusses album Against the Grey, and her upcoming tour.
"Early to Rise: For 19-year-old singer-songwriter Meg Hutchinson, still waters run deep," By Mike Goudreau, Metroland, 5/29/97- 6/4/97. Focuses on Hutchinson's young age and confident stage presence.
"Greg Douglass, If I Were A Man," SEVEN DAYS, Vol. 3, No. 40, 5/27/98. Positive review of Douglass's first album, If I were A Man. (2 copies)
"Songwriter Douglass from Hyde Park impresses with new release," By Michael Schaefer, unknown source, unknown date. Positive review of Douglass's second album, Gregory Douglass. (2 copies)
"Singer steadily grows into his talent," by D. Quincy Whitney, The Boston Globe, 2/14/99. Describes how Douglass started his music career, his intuitive musical ability and his attendance of the boarding school, Brewster Academy that emphasizes art.…
"Third try's a 'Teeter'" By Matt Leon, The Burlington Free Press, 11/28/01. Positive review of Douglass's songwriting and musical abilities. Discusses Douglass's observational skills that aids his ability to write from perspectives other than his…
"A Musician on the Edge," By Jim Scott, SEVEN DAYS, 11/28/01. Positive review of Douglass's album Teeter. Mentions Douglass's young age and the complexities of specific songs on the album. (2 copies)
"Top Vermont CDs of 2001," By Pamela Polston, page 24a, SEVEN DAYS, 12/26/2001 & 1/2/02. A list and review of 12 top CDs by Vermont musicians in 2001. Douglass is on this list. (2 copies)
Top left: gregory douglass,, Top right: Emote Records, P.O. Box 1884, Burlington, Vt 05402-1884, with Emote logo. Body lists: Performance Experience, Shared the Stage with: Venues: Colleges: Private…
Top left: gregory douglass,, Top right: Emote Records, P.O. Box 1884, Burlington, Vt 05402-1884, with Emote logo. Body lists: Hometown, Genre, Comparable To, Current Release, Current Singles, Members,…
Describes Douglass's achievements at such a young age, he was 21 at the time that the biography was written. Describes Douglass's music as "a passionate mix of contemporary folk, pop, and rock…" Introduces the different people who worked on his then…
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Allison Davis, booking agent for Gregory Douglass. The letter explains that Douglass's manage, Matthew Asbell recommended sending the promo-kit. Allison Davis Inquires about Gregory Douglass and partner Jeremy Mendicino…
Poster with photograph of Gregory Douglass and another musician holding a guitar. With quote "…Gregory Douglass possesses the voice of an angel - an angel in league with the devil, who conspires to seduce you with beauty." - Pamela Poston, Seven days…
Gregory Douglass,, Emote Records, Emote Records, PO Box 8021 Burlington, VT 05402, 802.238.9754/, has small photograph of Gregory Douglass and Emote Records logo in right hand corner.
Asbell-Baker: Artist Management & Support Services, Matthew D. Asbell, Toll Free: 877.664.7226, In NYC: 212.579.0488, p.o. box 231505, New York, Ny 10023, Management, Campus Activities, Publicity, Marketing, Consulting
"Kellogg rides the Iron Horse," By Nicholas Pizzolato The Massachussetts Daily Collegian, 2/9/00. Decribes a well received show played by Kellogg at The Iron Horse in North Hampton, Massachussetts and predicts that Kellogg will become recognized…
"Stephen Kellogg South of Stephen (Fat Sam)," By Rob Weir, Valley Advocate, 4/20/00-4/26/00. Review of Kellogg's album, South of Stephen, describes Kellog's use of varying musical styles--southern rock, Bluegrass--in order to describer inner…
"Local Profile - Stephen kellogg," Listen 2 The Music: The Valley's Independent Guide to Music & Concert Happenings, Issue # 18, 3/17/00-4/17/00, Describes Kellogg's cross-country road trip and his transition from playing with…
"Kellogg to play at Common Ground," By Dave Madeloni, Brattleboro Reformer, 10/26/00. Quotes Kellogg about his favorite shows and difficulties of playing shows. Describes a show that Kellogg played at The Iron Horse in North Hampton Massachussetts…
"New Kellogg record has Southern feel," By Josh Shear, Chicopee Herald, 3/15/00. Review of Kellogg's album South of Stephen, uses specific lines of songs to describe album and discusses Kellogg's previous albums, Buffalo and Rain Summer which he…
No Title, Union News, By Donnie Moorhouse, 5/6/00. Review of Kellogg's performance.
"Stephen Kellogg's 'road' work proves stunning," Union News, 2/3/00. Describes Kellogg's road trip that inspired his album South of Stephen, and speaks of his musical influences.
Stephen Kellogg informational sheet includes website, quotes about his music, venues he has played, people he has shared bills with, releases and contact information.
Outside: "THE BIG RED E" photograph of man with guitar, Inside: photograph with greenery and man with guitar with song titles. All compositions written and arranged by Freddie Z
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