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Envelope addressed to "Mr. Stephen N. Schwarz," Letter addressed "Dear Appllicant" explaining that admissions review has begun for the class of '97 signed by Mary Lou W. Bates, Director of Admisions. Includes "News From Skidmore" section with…
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theater performance announcement
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"DIY Spotlight 1: Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town," By Clay Steakley, Page 44, Performing Songwriter, 5/03. Positive review of Arthur Godfrey's album East Side of Town
"Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town," By Clay Steakley, Performing Songwriter, Positive review of Godfrey's album East Side of Town, includes descriptions of specific songs.
"Artist Spotlight: Arthur Godfrey," ASCAP, uknown author, unknown date. Focuses on a biography of Godfrey as well as a review of his album East Side of Town.
"Special 'talent scout' endorsesmusical mailman," By Brad kava, San Jose Mercury News, 4/30/03. Article mentions how Sean Penn saw Godfrey perform in Memphis and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the musician, additionally, mentions the several…
"Sean Penn flips out for a songwriter," Tennessean, 2/11/03. Article relays how Sean Penn saw Godfrey perform and threw him a party after his set.
"Arthur Godfrey East Side of Town…(Stampman)," Freight Train Boogie! Positive Review of East Side of Town.
Entertainment Unlimited: Booking and Talet Agency. Bottom right: Lisa Walters, Booking Agent,, Bottom left: Phone: (925) 280-9133, 361 Montecillo Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (2 copies)
Billboard Tenth Song Contest certificate, Second Place Winner hereby presented to Arthur Godfrey. Lists specifics about song that won and is signed by the president and by the director of Billboard Song Contest.
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Lisa Walters E.U. Booking Agent inquiring about booking a date for Arthur Godfrey, includes contact information.
Letter to Arthur Godfrey from Scazzola Giovanni Pietro, replying to Godfrey's request for information about Radio spins. On the back of the letter is listed the times that Godfrey's songs were played on an Italian radio station.
E.U. Booking Agency pamphlet. Includes contact information on front with a list of who is on the E.U. Booking Agency Roster, website listed bottom front. Inside contains biographies of each musician listed on the roster at the front of the pamphlet.
Photograph of Arthur Godfrey walking up stairs holding a guitar, below the photograph, on the left: Arthur Godfrey Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, on the right: sticker: E.U. Booking Agency, Lisa Walters, 925.280.9133,
Includes a list of awards and quotes from positive reviews
Lists radio plays of Godfrey's East Side of Town
Lists descriptions of each of the songs on East Side of Town.
"Poetry Slam!" By Jon Fry in Lively Lucy's column within the Arts & Entertainment section in The Skidmore News, Page 21, 10/27/94. Step Schwarz, then president of Lively Lucy's hoped to amplify the club's "coffeehouse-like atmosphere," by hosting…
"Falstaff's starts a new year: Keeping some social life on campus" By Miriam Johnson, Features section in The Skidmore News, Page 9, 9/15/94. Describes the different events that are hosted at Falstaff's and many students' push to have social events…
"Bluegrass, no…not green, visits Skidmore" By Kristin O'Rielly, Arts & Entertainment section in The Skidmore News, Page 21,3/31/94. After performing at Caffè Lena, The Burnt Hills Bluegrass band spoke with Lively Lucy's president, Torey Adler, who…
"Margo Hennebach, the next Tori Amos, at Lively Lucy's" By Damion Mannings, Art & Entertainment section in The Skidmore News, page and date unknown. Margo Hennebach, music therapist and musician performed at Falstaff's. The writer explains that it is…
"Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse To Host Folk Festival" unknown author, Skidmore Intercom, 4/22/96-5/5/96. Folk singers Bill Morrissey, Lucy Kaplansky and Rosanne Raneri were scheduled to perform at a Folk Festival on April 22nd, 1996 hosted by Lively…
"Chuck Brodsky at Lively Lucy's" By Heather Hurst, Arts & Entertainment section in The Skidmore News, Page 19, 10/6/94. Review of the performances of Chuck Brodsky and opener Mark Rabin at Falstaff's. Event was under attended and Rabin's lyrics are…
"Lively Lucy's is Back," By Barbaa Melville, cover story in Skidmore SCOPE, vol. 23, no. 3, page 7. "Lively Lucy's," describes the lively atmosphere of Falstaff's during Lively Lucy's open mike nights. Lively Lucy's president Torey Adler explains…
"Roseanne Raneri at lively Lucy's this Weekend," Performance preview in Arts & Entertainment in The Skidmore News, Page 7, 12/1/94. Capital District artist Roseanne Raneri to perform at Lively Lucy's on Sunday December 4. $5 student admission, $7…
"Keeps Lyrics Honest," by Annette K. Scott, Telegram. Article focusing on Bob Neese's music and lifestyle.
"Fine Showing," by Annette K. Scott, Telegram. Article reviewing a performance by Bob Neese's band, "Isaac Ish and the Flying Wish."
"Isaac Ish and the Flying Wish to perform," article relaying the band's plans to perform at High Peaks Base Camp.
"Coffeehouse set in Malone," Announcing Bob Neese's performance with Mary Lou Reid at the Elm Street Coffeehouse.
"Leslie Helpert, Megan Baer,", 3/6/02. Article announcing a show of Helpert's and discussing her musical style as well as discussing her job as a yoga instructor (2 copies).
"Ladies night out," By Melissa Link. Article discussing the musical intersections between Leslie Helpert, Libby Kirkpatrick and Megan Baer, who were set to perform together. (2 copies)
"Healing, art and music," By Rhiannon Brewer Patrick, discusses Helpert's music and yoga practice. (2 copies)
"Singers-songwriters at 40 Watt," By Darrel Kinsey. Discusses Helpert's musical style and practice and how it coincides with her yoga practice, also announcing her upcoming show. (2 copies)
"Leslie Helpert, John Rice, Ryan Dunham." Article announcing upcoming show of Helpert.
"Jon Svetkey Live" By Kate Weldon and Meighan McCrea, Skidmore News, 9/22/94. Article reviewing a recent performance of Jon Svetkey and discussing his performance style and stage presence.
"Culture Focuses Inward to Find American Style," By Lani Levitt, The Skidmore News 11/11/65. Article discussing contemporary art in the U.S. Traces America's artistic style from when everything was an imitation of Europe to the 1940s when America…
"Caffe Lena," By J.B., The Skidmore News, 1/13/66. Discusses the purpose of "The Caffe Lena Gallery Theater." Explains that Caffe_ Lena has had many folk singers perform there including Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk and Josh White. In…
"Lena Spencer, Founder of Caffe Lena, Touched Many Lives at Skidmore," by Mae Banner, The Saratogian. Begins by mentioning Lena Spencer's recent death, continues to discuss her life and Caffe_ Lena's influence on the arts at Skidmore. Mentions how…
"Wrapping up 45 years of Caffe_ Lena's History," by Thomas Dimopoulos. Article discusses the history of Caffe_ Lena and the efforts of Jocelyn and Arem and Torey Adler to preserve the history. Includes quotes of Jocelyn Arem and Torey Adler…
"Student Lauds Gallery Presentation; 'Three by Tennessee' Shows Talents" By Betsy Goldberg. Article reviewing Tennessee Williams's play "Three by Tennessee" performed at Caffè Lena.
"Coffee House Attracts All Ages, Customers Constantly Satisfied," by Eileen Malloy and Martha Rawley. Article discusses many unique factors that make Caffè Lena different from other emerging coffeehouse in the U.S. Among these factors are that it,…
"INSIDE Saratoga: On foot," by Diana Lawry. Article describing various things to do in Saratoga including a mention of Caffè Lena. Mentions that Caffè Lena is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 on and features folk music and pastries. Also…
"Bob White, Michigan Folksinger, To Appear At Caffe Lena," by unknown author. Discusses Folksinger Bob White's upcoming appearance at Caffè Lena and goes on to discuss White's musical style. The article mentions that White frequently plays in…
"Folk Festival to be Held Saturday, October 10; Melanie Saturday Night, Beer Party Sunday," by Diana Lawry. Article describing a weekend of music including a Folk Festival in Starbuck Center. Of those playing at the festival is musician, John Tooker.…
"Saratoga's Superstar; Harold Griffiths," by Helen S. Edelman. This article focuses on the life of musician Harold Griffiths who at the time was living in an apartment above Caffè Lena. Griffith's life had led him from Utah to Vietnam to California,…
"New Theater Company," article announcing the creation of Home Made Theater which will be presented on the stage at Caffè Lena.
"Unusual Store Opens," by Julie Maas. Store opens underneath Caffè Lena, Hambone Music and Folk Arts, which sells, rents and buys instruments. The store also sells records. The store was opened by Tom and Noa Mitchell who belong to a group called…
"Lena Spencer Program," by Julie Maas. The article says that the mayor declared September 30th to be Lena Spencer Day at a celebration for Lena Spencer. The Caffè Lena Program is in efforts to help Lena Spencer and Caffè Lena financially. The program…
"Jazz Weekend at Café Lena." The article explains that two Jazz musicians will be coming to Caffè Lena that weekend. The article then describes the two musicians, Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gomez and their musical styles.
"Home Made Theater to Hold Auditions." The Saratoga Home Made Theater was intending to hold auditions for the play "You Cn't Take It With You" by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. The auditions were set to take place in the theater at Caffè Lena.
"In & Around Town." Article describing several events occurring at Caffè Lena including a performance by The Rude Girls and "'open mike night'" every Thursday.
"WSPN: The Listening Alternative." Article describing the various shows that are featured on WSPN radio station and how half of the DJ's are Saratoga Springs community members. One show, "Lena's Open Door," features folk music.
"Profile On Foster," by Emily Bickford. Profile on Jonathan Foster who created the Home Made Theater. The theater is hosted in Caffè Lena on the stage in the back of the coffeehouse.
"An Interview With Lena," by Adam Cote. Interview with Lena Spencer in which Lena discusses the beginning of Caffè Lena, her ex-husband who left her when he was offered a fellowship in Europe, and how she feels about Caffè Lena. Cote mentions the…
"Carl Landa:" by Emily Bickford. Article about the music of Carl Landa and his performances at Eartha's kitchen on Phila Street. The article mentions that Eartha's is below Caffè Lena.
"In and Around Town," mentions an upcoming performance of Gamble Rogers at Caffè Lena.
"Night Must Fall," by Catherine Robbins. Article discussing Home Made Theatre Company's production of "Night Must Fall." Article mentions that Home Made Theatre Company used to be located at Caffè Lena.
"Mafia?! Isn't that a movie?" Press release for a performanceby Alex Brewster of the play, "Mafia" happening at Caffè Lena.
"G. Love Went to Skidmore," discusses artist "G. Love," and how he attended Skidmore for two years before withdrawing. The article mentions that he did return to play a show at Caffè Lena.
"Caffè Lena Gets Jazzy"By Mikey Greenhaus. Discusses Caffè Lena and how students lined up to see Skidmore's Jazz ensemble perform at Caffè Lena.
"Rick Braun (Psst. G-Love went here.)" by Sgt. Pepper. Review of artist Rick Braun's lastest album with mention of artist G-Love attending Skidmore and performing at Caffè Lena.
"Jocelyn Arem: Skidmore's Singer, Songwriter," by Anna Brown Massey. Article about Jocelyn Arem, her love of music and commitment to several activities on Skidmore's campus. The article mentions that Jocelyn has played at Caffè Lena.
"'American Pie' was written on Caroline Street" by Mike Greenhaus. Article discusses how Don Mclean wrote the song "American Pie" at Saratoga Springs bar, Tin & Lint and then performed the song for the first time at Caffè Lena.
"Quick Work of Falstaffs" by Erin DeCou. Review of Ember Swift's show at Falstaff's. Mentions that Swift performed in Saratoga Springs once before at Caffè Lena.
"Feel the G-Love: Garret Dutton's Seven Months in Saratoga" by Mike Greenhaus. Article reviewing a recent performance of Garret Dutton at Northern Lights. The article mentions Dutton's time as a student at Skidmore and his frequent performances at…
"Feel the G-Love: Garret Dutton's Seven Months in Saratoga" (continued) by Mike Greenhaus. Discusses G. Love and Special Sauce's musical style and career. The article mentions that G. Love and Special Sauce came back to Saratoga and playeda t Caffè…
"Artist of the week: Tim Peck" by Chriss Ladd. Article focusing on student musician, "Tim Peck." The article mentions that he will be playing at Caffè Lena with the Skidmore Jazz Ensemble.
"Jeremy Borer and Here's to Discord Play Café Lena," by Jocelyn Polen. Review of Jeremy Borer's performance at Caffè Lena.
"Artist of the week: Jason Domnarski," by Ben Fleisher. Article discussing student musician Jason Domnarski. Mentions that with his band, Jason Domnarski performs at Caffè Lena.
"Small Jazz, Long Night, Big Fun," by Deb Kamin. Article reviewing a recent Jazz performance at Skidmore. The article mentions the performances of many of the same artists at Caffè Lena earlier in the year.
"Kris Delmhorst livens up Lucy's" by Jen Nathan. Artist Kris Delmhorst played a show at Falstaff's as a part of the Sunday night concerts of Lively Lucy's coffeehouse
"Community Profile: Josh Clayton" by Laura Martin. Profile of student musician and visual artist Josh Clayton. The article mentions that Clayton will not be playing at Lively Lucy's anytime soon because he does not view himself as a performer.
"Blues, Jazz, Folk and Styrofoam Spring Fling Weekend 2001" by Mike Greehaus. The article mentions Lively Lucy's Folk Festival which took place on Saturday of Spring Fling. The folk festival is described as relaxing.
Article discussing the Skidmore music scene and mentions Lively Lucy's as a group that brings many folk musicians to campus.
"Sinem Returns to Skidmore" By Alex Wolff. Article reviewing a show at Falstaff's. A performance by Sinem, a Skidmore graduate. The article mentions that Sinem would be playing at Lively Lucy's Folk Festival.
"Ember Swift Makes Quick Work of Falstaffs" by Erin DeCou. Review of a performance by artist Ember Swift at Falstaff's. The show was hosted by Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse.
"What is so Lively About Lucy's?" by Jenny Sheffield. An article about Lively Lucy's and the many shows and events that the club puts on.
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