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Lively Lucy's Calendar of events from 9/4-12/4. Performances by: Rosanne Raneri, Whoopi Jazz, Jon Svetky, Margo Hennebach, Chuck Brodsky, Jon Carmen, Peggy Eyres, Ed Gerhard, Ellis Paul and Heartwood. Including an Open mike night, Poetry Slam and Jam…
Calendar of events at Skidmore including a listing of Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Friday the 5th.
Calendar events at Skidmore including a listing of Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Thursday the 4th.
Thank you card to Ruth and Wendy from Jocelyn Arem. Thanking Ruth and Wendy for their help with the Caffe_ Lena history exhibit, "Caffe_ Lena: 45 Years of Community, Culture, and Creativity, 1960-2005." Additionally inviting them to the official…
"The Far Side" by Gary Larson. 10/22. Cartoon depicting a man sitting outside on the street playing guitar with a guitar case open to collect money. Another older man is saying to him "So! Chuck Brodsky! I thought it was you!..Never learned your…
Outside: "THE BIG RED E" photograph of man with guitar, Inside: photograph with greenery and man with guitar with song titles. All compositions written and arranged by Freddie Z
Lively Lucy's Committee members list. Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Every Wed. 9:00-11:30 Mandatory Meetings Every Wed. 8:30-9:00 Dates left for 2nd semester of 1990-1991: 2/20, 2/23, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24.
Relays the requirements of performers who are hired to play shows for Lively Lucy's. Has three blank spaces for signatures at the bottom with the names Anita L. Steigerald Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Torey Adler President of Lively Lucy's…
Lively Lucy's contract of hire, relays the requirements of performers who are hired to play shows for Lively Lucy's. Has three blank spaces for signatures at the bottom with the names Anita Steigerwald, Stephen Schwarz and the performer (s) (2…
Cover page of literary magazine, "On the merry go round," Issue 4, 2/95. Photograph of two women with words "I may choose to act seductively. I do not have to act macho. Not to dominate or to be dominated."
Drawing of figure resembling Jesus Christ with cross below. Written: "Angry Ian"
Email to: "All Clubs and Organizations" From: Chanel Greene S.G.A Vice President for Financial Affairs. Subject: Budget Request for 1994-1995. Explains the Budget Committee is now accepting budget requests. 1/94.
A letter from Torey Adler to the Budget and Finance Committee explaining further his request for $800 to host a series of poetry readings (a request which was denied.) He also explaind his plans to revive the Skidmore Folk Festival.
Envelope addressed to "Lively lucy's Coffeehouse 815 no. Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866" writing: "Jocelyn-Reference for Sept 12th?" Return address: Salomon Smith Barney Inc. 103 Eisenhower Parkway 4th Floor Roseland, NJ 07068. Inside envelope:…
Flyer titled "Lively Lucy's Fall 2003" contains list of performances and events for September, October and Novemember. Back: Explanation of what Lively Lucy's is.
Flyer for "Resume Speed, A new Artist Compilation" End Construction Productions. Note on Flyer "Feb 2 Jon Svetkey 6173549092 March 2? (Anytime after 3/14!)"
Includes biography at the top, description of Sun's music style and the bottom of the page includes several quotes about his music.
Entertainment Unlimited: Booking and Talet Agency. Bottom right: Lisa Walters, Booking Agent,, Bottom left: Phone: (925) 280-9133, 361 Montecillo Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94595
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Lisa Walters E.U. Booking Agent inquiring about booking a date for Forest Sun to play at Skidmore in the week of 9/22-10/4 unknown year. Includes contact information
Photograph of Forest Sun standing in doorway playing guitar, below the photograph: Forest Sun, to the right:
"Top Vermont CDs of 2001," By Pamela Polston, page 24a, SEVEN DAYS, 12/26/2001 & 1/2/02. A list and review of 12 top CDs by Vermont musicians in 2001. Douglass is on this list. (2 copies)
"A Musician on the Edge," By Jim Scott, SEVEN DAYS, 11/28/01. Positive review of Douglass's album Teeter. Mentions Douglass's young age and the complexities of specific songs on the album. (2 copies)
"Third try's a 'Teeter'" By Matt Leon, The Burlington Free Press, 11/28/01. Positive review of Douglass's songwriting and musical abilities. Discusses Douglass's observational skills that aids his ability to write from perspectives other than his…
"Singer steadily grows into his talent," by D. Quincy Whitney, The Boston Globe, 2/14/99. Describes how Douglass started his music career, his intuitive musical ability and his attendance of the boarding school, Brewster Academy that emphasizes art.…
"Songwriter Douglass from Hyde Park impresses with new release," By Michael Schaefer, unknown source, unknown date. Positive review of Douglass's second album, Gregory Douglass. (2 copies)
"Greg Douglass, If I Were A Man," SEVEN DAYS, Vol. 3, No. 40, 5/27/98. Positive review of Douglass's first album, If I were A Man. (2 copies)
Describes Douglass's achievements at such a young age, he was 21 at the time that the biography was written. Describes Douglass's music as "a passionate mix of contemporary folk, pop, and rock…" Introduces the different people who worked on his then…
Asbell-Baker: Artist Management & Support Services, Matthew D. Asbell, Toll Free: 877.664.7226, In NYC: 212.579.0488, p.o. box 231505, New York, Ny 10023, Management, Campus Activities, Publicity, Marketing, Consulting
Gregory Douglass,, Emote Records, Emote Records, PO Box 8021 Burlington, VT 05402, 802.238.9754/, has small photograph of Gregory Douglass and Emote Records logo in right hand corner.
Top left: gregory douglass,, Top right: Emote Records, P.O. Box 1884, Burlington, Vt 05402-1884, with Emote logo. Body lists: Hometown, Genre, Comparable To, Current Release, Current Singles, Members,…
Letter to Jocelyn Arem from Allison Davis, booking agent for Gregory Douglass. The letter explains that Douglass's manage, Matthew Asbell recommended sending the promo-kit. Allison Davis Inquires about Gregory Douglass and partner Jeremy Mendicino…
Top left: gregory douglass,, Top right: Emote Records, P.O. Box 1884, Burlington, Vt 05402-1884, with Emote logo. Body lists: Performance Experience, Shared the Stage with: Venues: Colleges: Private…
Poster with photograph of Gregory Douglass and another musician holding a guitar. With quote "…Gregory Douglass possesses the voice of an angel - an angel in league with the devil, who conspires to seduce you with beauty." - Pamela Poston, Seven days…
Flyer for End Construction Productions, explaining founding and purpose.
Peter B. James Vice President-Investments Financial Consultant, Salomon Smith Barney A member of citigroup, listed address and phone number.
Lists Jaia Suri's touring experience and locations where she has performed.
Letter to Denise from Peter B. James. Sent with another copy of "Truck Stop Gypsy." Dated 4/22/03
Letter to Denise and Vicky From Peter B. James. Attempting to arrange a date for artist Jaia Suri to come for a Lively Lucy's show. Dated 3/31/03
Letter from Lively Lucy's president Step Schwarz presumably to Lively Lucy's club members. The letter relays that he had finalized the budget, space and stage for the folk festival. Explains what the event will involve and a a schedule of artists who…
Letter to the editor from an alumni and parent of a current Skidmore student. Responding to a student body push to start an on-campus pub, the parent replied that there is not a lack of pubs in town including Caffè Lena in her list of places to…
Mountain High Music International list of artists, with Mountain High Music International's contact information below. (2 copies)
List of artists that are a part of End Construction Productions.
Alphebetical listing of several recommended places to visit in town. "L is for Lena's." Mentions Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and Don Mclean performing at Caffè Lena and how it is the oldest operational folk venue.
"On the merry go round" literary magazine Issue #4, 2/95. Table of contents includes on the bottom "Thank you, o Noble Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse which, for your further interest + information, happens Tues. 9 open mike nights. Sun. 8 concerts."…
"On the merry go round" literary magazine 3-4/95. Table of contents includes on the bottom "Thank you Lively Lucy's" contains ten pages, twelve poems and one illustration.
"On the merry go round" literary magazine 10/94. Back cover page has an advertisement for Lively Lucy's telling people the weekly times that the club puts on events and urging people to go. 10 written pieces.
"On the merry go round" literary magazine 11/94. Back page has advertisement for Lively Lucy's "yes and come to Lively Lucy's! wed. + sun. nights, 9 PM at Falstaff's --they support us." Nine written pieces and one drawing.
"On the merry go round" literary magazine 12/94. On first page, "Thanks a whole bunch (a whole bunch of bananas actually) to Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse and Step Schwarz." eleven pieces of written work.
Lively Lucy's Books 92-93. Relays performers, dates, money paid, expenses, intake and total cost.
Consists of seven articles explaining the name of the club, purpose of the club, the clubs goals, the non-exclusivity of the club, the government structure and the duties of club members, how elections would be held. (3 copies, last copy changes a…
Lists performers and phone numbers.
"Early to Rise: For 19-year-old singer-songwriter Meg Hutchinson, still waters run deep," By Mike Goudreau, Metroland, 5/29/97- 6/4/97. Focuses on Hutchinson's young age and confident stage presence.
"Meg Hutchinson," By Carolyn Watts The Cape Cod Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 7.1, 7/1/99. Features quotes of Hutchinson about her music, discusses album Against the Grey, and her upcoming tour.
"Meg Hutchinson - On The Verge," By Dale Ott, The Advocate, 7/5/00. Discusses her success in folk competitions and her writing process as well as her musical influences.
"Meg Hutchinson," By Robin O'Sullivan, Berkshire Record, 9/10/99. Focuses on Hutchinson's influences, alubm, Against the Grey, her production company, "Little Red Hen Music & Productions company," tour, and creative process.
"Folk Speed Ahead," By Peter Hanson, Metroland, Cover, 6/15/00-6/21/00. "Emotion in Motion," By Peter Hanson, Page 27-28, Metroland, 6/15/00-6/21/00. Focuses on Hutchinson's life, personality and education as well as musical abilities and recordings.…
"Meg 1, Natalie 0," By Mary Bagg, Page 33 The Valley Advocate, 1/28/99. Compares Hutchinson's music with artist Natalie Merchant, favoring Hutchinson. "Soul Show," By John Rodat, Metroland, 2/18/99-2/24/99. Robby Baier and Meg Hutchinson played…
"Meg Hutchinson: Against the Grey," Metroland, 6/24/99-6/30-99. Positive review of Hutchinson's album, Against the Grey. "Meg Hutchinson: Anti-gravity music," By Seth Rogovoy, Page 31, Berkshires Week, 7/22/99. Positive review of Against the Grey.
"In Their Words…" Sheet featuring quotes from reviews about Hutchinson's work.
"Nields Newsletter." Newsletter for band "Nields." Addressed to Skidmore college, Lively Lucy's. Includes cartoon, letter and list of upcoming shows.
Caffe Lena written in front of drawn bricks. List of potential schedule, and several notes written surrounding the writing.
Pamphlet: "Lively Lucy's Fall 2003" Scheudle for September, October and November. All shows in Falstaff's are Free for Skidmore. Back: Explanation of what Lively Lucy's is.
Brooks Williams standing behind microphone singing with guitar, "Lively Lucy's-Brooks Williams sang the blues to a captivated audience last Sunday night at Falstaff's"
Man staring directly at camera with wrinkled sheet as background. Date on back: 7/01/03
Black & white photograph of a woman, below photograph: rosanna lee 617.578.0838
Black & white photograph of group of three men and one woman standing around a tree
Photograph with man holding guitar with Bob Nease written below
Photograph of Bob Neese with "Bob Neese At" written below
Close up black & white photograph of a man with a sticker below. Sticker reads: Artie Tobia~ Americana Singer/Songwriter 914.637.7531, Red Tail Hawk Record logo,
Photograph of Leslie Helpert with her name written below with and booking information.
Black & white photograph of Leslie Helpert with her name typed below photo with On photograph: © Bobby Abrahamson.
Black and white photograph of Jim Infantino standing against brick wall holding guitar. Underneath it says "Jim Infantino" Photo by Kym Marie Donnellan, ECP recordings
Photograph of four men presumably of End Construction Productions sitting behind a sign on the floor that says "End Construction."
Photograph of Lena Spencer and her white cat Sasha sitting inside Caffe_ Lena by Joseph Deuel, The Saratogian.
Photograph of woman playing guitar with text overlayed: bio of Katie Sawicki
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo 1: group of four boys standing around one boy, all are holding CDs and one is reaching out his hand as if to shake the other's. Photo 2: one man playing guitar on stage at Falstaff's, another man standing…
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo1: group of five, four people standing behind one. The person in front is holding a guitar. Photo 2: Two men on stage both playing guitar, drum set behind them. Photo 3: People sitting in Falstaff's, one person…
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo 1: Two women and one man standing inside Falstaff's. Photo 2: Group of five men standing inside Falstaff's smiling. Photo 3: Group of people smiling inside Falstaff's, one person at the front of the group is…
Sheet of paper with 4 photographs. Photo 1: Man on an outdoor stage with a guitar. Photo 2: Man on an outdoor stage with a guitar. Photo 3: Woman on an outdoor stage with a guitar. Photo 4: Man on an outdoor stage with a guitar.
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo 1: Man on an outdoor stage with a guitar. Photo 2: Woman on an outdoor stage with a guitar. Photo 3: Several people on an outdoor stage performing.
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo 1: Two people performing on stage. Photo 2: one man performing on stage. Photo 3: Several people performingon stage.
Sheet of paper with 3 photographs. Photo 1: Several people on stage performing. Photo 2: Two people sitting in the back of an open truck outside. Photo 3: People watching several people performingon stage.
Poem, unknown writer, 2/9/94.
Poem, unknown writer, uknown date. First line: "Jello is made out of bones."
Photograph of Jim Gilmour in front of house holding a guitar, with quote over photograph. Below: "Jim Gilmour Quarterline In Concert"
Peter mulvey "ten thousand mornings" poster with black & white photograph and quote about the album. Bottom left: Black Walnut Records Administered by Young/ Hunter (with logo) Bottom right:, (with logo)
Poster for "A Serpentfly Production Yields the music of Leslie Helpert."
Signed Poster for the "5 Chinese Brothers."
Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse, "underground acoustic mayhem scheduled as follows…" Performances scheduled for Jim Infantino, Catie Curtis and Jon Svetkey, including an Open mike night. "all shows in falstaffs doors open 8 music starts 9." Events from…
"Lively Lucy's Coffehouse Presents: Winner 1992 Napa Valley Folk Festival Chuck Brodsky" 10/2, 8 PM Falstaff's, $2 Skidmore/ $5 World.
2/26 in JKB Theater: Joan Crane, Hugh Pool, and Mark Patton with special guest Tom Evans. "Masterful and moving Acoustic Blues." Tickets $7/ $5 students. Workshops taught by performers for additional $11/ $10 students. (2 copies on same sheet.)
"Lively Lucy's Coffeehouse Presents: Hugh Pool, Joan Crane, Mark Patton, Real Blues with special Guest: Tom Evans." 2/26. $7 concert, $18 concert and additional workshops with performers.
Lively Lucy's poster for Jon Svetkey. "Sunday 8 pm in falstaffs $2 skidmore folks/ $5 world bring a mug for $1 bottomless coffee."
Poster for Margo Hennebach. "Show Sunday 8 PM in Falstaffs Cover: Skidmore $2/ world $5."(2 copies on same sheet.)
Marbar Productions Presents Patty Larkin, at Saratoga Music Hall, 10/16, $12. (2 copies on same sheet.)
Poetry Slam, Sunday 7:30. "Open mic 4 all." (2 copies on same sheet)
Poster for Ed Gerhard in Falstaffs $5/ $3 students.
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