Board of Directors Collection

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Board of Directors Collection

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[Ephemera] Articles
2 original articles

[Ephemera] Photographs
Original prints

[Ephemera] Contact Sheets
Scanned copies of original Joe Alper contact sheets

[Ephemera] Newsletters
Original newsletters

[Ephemera] Calendars
Original calendars 1990-2009

[Ephemera] Calendars
Folk Venue Calendars

[Ephemera] T-shirts
2 original Caffè Lena tshirts, folded

[Ephemera] Artwork
9 pieces of original Caffè Lena artwork by misc. artists

[Ephemera] Photo Booklets
2 photo booklets

[Ephemera] Photographs
3x5 color photographs

[Ephemera] Photographs
2 copies of roll of 3x5 color photographs

[Ephemera] Photographs
12, 4x4 photos "

[Ephemera] Photographs
Original 3x5 photos

[Ephemera] Press Kits

[Ephemera] Press Kits
75-100 press kits

[Ephemera] Postcards
50-60 posters

[Ephemera] Sales Tax
60 pages of official documents

[Ephemera] Bills to Pay/Things to Do
25 pages of handwritten and personal documents

[Ephemera] Caffè Lena Inc.
15 pages of official documents, flyers, letters

[Ephemera] Medical Bills Paid
40-50 pages of medical bills and official documents

[Ephemera] Medical Bills Beginning 9/89
15-20 pages of medical bills and official documents

[Ephemera] February
40-50 pages of expense paperwork

[Ephemera] December
50-60 pages of expense paperwork

[Ephemera] November/December Caffè Records
50-60 pages of expense paperwork

[Ephemera] 1989 October Caffè Records
50-60 pages of expense paperwork

[Ephemera] Bookkeeping
100 pages of Lena Spencer Trust fund expense reports

[Ephemera] Payroll
70-100 pages

[Ephemera] January 1, 1990
50-60 pages of expense paperwork

[Ephemera] Lena's Checkbooks and Bank Statements
2 handwritten checkbooks, 10 statements, misc checks

[Ephemera] Key Bank NA
1 handwritten checkbook, 10 Trust statements, checks

[Ephemera] ASCAP-BMI
4 official documents

[Ephemera] SURVEY (misc materials)
80-100 pages of bills, letters, misc docs.

[Ephemera] Trust Fund
50-75 pages of expense docs, letters, press releases
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