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[Ephemera] Book Binder Roy


[Ephemera] Book Binder Roy


108 Pages
promotional material, letters, articles, reviews, press releases, posters, photographs (2 unrelated pages)
promotional packet (5 pages), 3 promotional flyers, 2 promotional flyers (2 sides each), postcard to Lena from Roy and Fats (2 sides), note to Lena from Dawn and Roy (promotional card on back), christmas card to Lena from Dawn and Roy (2 sides), envelope addressed to Lena from Roy, note to Lena from Roy and Dawn (promotional flyer on back), phorocopied page from Blue's Who's Who
A Biographical Dictionary of Blues Singers, Articles
"Bookbinder's blues at Mary's" (unknown publication/date), "Hillbilly bluesman to entertain" (The Tennessean, 11/3/85), "A Name for Fame" (Melody Maker, 1/28/78) (2 copies), page with 3 articles ("Git-Fiddle Shuffle" (The Soho Weekly News, unknown date), "Bookbinder in Chester" (unknown publication/date), "Stompin' an' a clappin' with Ragtime Millionaires" (Pipe Dream, 11/7/78).) (2 sides), page with 2 articles ("Roy's found hs niche" (Sounds
Music is the Message, unknown date), "Roy Bookbinder
Travelin' Man" (Audio, 2/74).) (2 sides), "Bookbinder Revisited" (The Aquarian, 5/15-5/29/74) (3 copies), "Bluesman carry on a tradition" (Dallas Times Herald, 3/19/83), "The Travelin' Man Is Still Looking For A Home" (The Tampa Tribune, 3/10/78) (8 pages), "Terry and McGhee Complement Bookbinder and Kaplin at Max's" (The New York Times, 9/2/73), page with 2 articles ("London success for Roy Bookbinder" (Evening Post, 12/27/72), "American folk-blues singer to give concert in Jersey" (12/14/72).), "Disc Dialogue/Bluesat Maripose Festival, New Jersey Folk Festival" (Blues Magazine, unknown date), "Roy Bookbinder and 'Fats' Kaplin, 'Git Fiddle Shuffle'" (Guitar Player, 12/75) (review on back) (2 copies), "Roy Bookbinder's got the 'hillbilly blues'" (The Houston Post, 6/10/83). short bio in The Folklore Center Newsletter (2 sides), page of quotes reviewing Bookbinder, page of 6 reviews (2 copies) (2 sides), Roy Bookbinder listed as recipient of The Freeman Gosden-Charles Correll Prize in Weather Bird
Looking Backward 1975 (back has "Life on Stage" (The Aquarian, 5/21-6/4)) (2 copies), page of various reviews, "Brownie McGhee, Roy Bookbinder
ambassadors of the blues" (unknown publication/date) (back has "Bookbinder's Newest LP" (The Southern Rag, unknown date)), reviews (Pop Top
The Record Buyer's Guide, 2/76) (2 sides) (2 copies), page with 2 articles ("Hillbilly Bluesman To Entertain" (The Tennessean, unknown date), "Bookbinder Sings Blues at Bluebird" (Nashville Banner, unknown date)), reviews (The Houston Post, various dates), 3 pages of various reviews, 8 press releases (additional copy of one), blank poster (4 copies), blank poster (2 copies), poster for performance at Moonshado Saloon, 5 photographs (2 additional copies of one), poster for performance at Caff�_�� Lena (5 copies), promotional poster (2 copies), unrelated
brochure for Workshops with Carole Bovoso (2 sides), sticker of viking ship.


Book Binder, Roy


Box Ba - Bo

Original Format

good, some yellowing, tears.