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[Ephemera] Bertoncini Gene


[Ephemera] Bertoncini Gene


59 Pages
photographs, articles, reviews, press release, letter, promotional flyers
8 original photographs, press release, letter from Gene to Lena, photocopied promotional flyer (2 copies), promotional flyer (2 sides), photocopied promotional flyer, promotional flyer for Michael Moore, Reviews
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide (2 copies), The Christian Science Monitor (8/8/85) (2 copies), The Boston Globe/Jazziz
The All Jazz Music Magazine (8/30/84) (3 copies), High Fidelity/ Fanfare (11/84 and Jan/Feb 85) (3 copies). Articles
A Decent Life" (The New Yorker, 1/13/86) (4 pages), "'N' All That Jazz - String duo's exquisite melodies earn a 10" (The Sunday Star Ledger, 8/24/86), "Seductive jazz show" (The Boston Herald, 8/10/85), "1985 The top 10s" (The Boston Herald, 1985), "Pop and Jazz Guide" (The New York Times, 3/28/86), "When two playing jazz is just the right number" (The Boston Globe, 2/8/86), "Gene Bertoncini woos audience with lovely jazz" (St. Paul's Dispatch, 11/29/84), "Jazz duo glows at gallery concert" (The Sunday Press, Binghamton, 9/29/85), "Bertoncini/Moore duo blend skillful weave of classic jazz" (Asbury Park Press, 11/14/86), "Two Best Picks
Bertoncini And Moore" (The Washington Post, 6/9/82), "Dynamic Duo makes music to remember" (New York Post, 10/12/78), "Chamber music and all that jazz" (The Miami Herald, 12/6/84), "Guitar/bass duo plays own brand of gentle jazz" (The Arlington Daily News, 5/6/84) (2 copies), "Jazz
Bertoncini and Moore" (The New York Times, 5/28/82) (2 copies), "Gene Bertoncini" (Radio Free Jazz, 3/80) (2 copies), "Perfect fusion" (New York Post, 9/15/81) (2 copies), "Gene Bertoncini is inspired guitarist" (The Knickerbocker News, 3/13/87) (2 copies), "Jazz
Guitar and Bass Duo" (The New York Times, 12/28/84) (2 copies), Untitled (The New Yorker, 2/27/84) (2 copies), "Gene Bertoncini displays savvy and sensitivity" (Edmonton Journal, 9/14/79) (2 copies), "Guitarist Bertoncini dazzles rooftop audience" (The Boston Globe, 8/28/84) (3 copies).


Bertoncini, Gene


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